PressReader was originally NewspaperDirect, founded in 1999 by Alexander Kroogman, Anatoly Karachinsky, and Esther Dyson. NewspaperDirect sought to give travelers access to their hometown newspaper, by allowing copies of current issues to be printed anywhere in the world.

In 2003, NewspaperDirect launched its all-you-can-read service, PressReader. Though PressReader was early to the market (smartphones and tablets weren’t yet a thing, and very few people were aggregating media at that point), it soon became clear that the idea was a good one. NewspaperDirect rebranded as PressReader in 2014. Since then, PressReader has grown rapidly, from just 100K MAUs to more than 12M MAUs today — and accelerating quickly.

PressReader’s proprietary technology makes it possible to process thousands of newspapers every single day, extracting text and images and making articles instantly translatable, searchable, and easy to read on mobile devices. No one else has managed to pull this off. Today, PressReader’s all-you-can-read service is popular with individual subscribers and business partners alike. And as we like to say at PressReader, it’s just the beginning.

PressReader is on a mission to improve the way people discover stories that matter.

Quality sources

Premium titles patrons actually want to read

Your visitors want seamless access to the information they need. They shouldn’t have to search through outdated papers, unreliable sources, and old databases. With PressReader, your patrons get instant access to the editorial content they know and trust. Easy search tools help them quickly sort through to the pieces they’re looking for.

From The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, El Pais and Le Figaro, to Newsweek, Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and People, PressReader delivers full issues of premium newspapers and magazines the moment they hit newsstands.

Setup and authentication

Innovative, not difficult

When your library joins the PressReader network, we make setup as simple as possible. PressReader requires no installation, and little maintenance, so we can open the digital doors immediately. We also offer complimentary staff training to help you make the most of our partnership.

We also offer a variety of industry standard authentication methods like IP and EZ Proxy, as well as SIP2 and OpenAthens. For a more intricate solution like an app or email integration, members of your tech and marketing teams may be required.