Incision was founded by Prof. Dr. Theo Wiggers and various other entrepreneurial professionals in 2014.
The highly driven team works in a fast-paced, scale-up environment with the main headquarters being in Amsterdam. Our staff consists of a mix of medical doctors and industry leaders in product, entrepreneurship and marketing.
We believe in sharing surgical skills and making high quality surgical knowledge accessible to everyone. That’s why we created Incision — to enable continuous surgical improvement that leads to better outcomes for everyone.

We help surgical professionals

Incision gives people access to shared experiences, skills, and expertise. We provide tools to get a quiker and more thorough preparation for the OR.

A complete online platform for sharing surgical skills

Explore surgical procedures step by step in 2D & 3D, master basic principles and skills, anatomy, medical technology, and much more. We bring together everything that’s required to optimize OR performance.

  • Explore over 500 courses created by doctors, scrub nurses and midwives in 2D & 3D.
  • Procedures explained in practical steps and substeps. Pre- and post-operative information, tips, tricks and hazards.
  • Our interactive learning tool provides the opportunity to study regional anatomy in 3D