About iG Publishing

IG Publishing is a leading aggregator of ebooks for academic, government, corporate and public libraries around the world. We work with leading publishers and societies to host their high-quality content on our platform. The content is carefully curated and then distributed to customers via our state-of-the art platform which is securely managed, and provides advanced analytics features. Customers have come to appreciate IG Publishing as a reliable partner for their e-resource needs. Beyond ebooks, since 2020 IG Publishing has started to distribute journals, standards, and databases.

IG Publishing is a wholly-owned business unit of iGroup (Asia), one of the largest library information and EduTech providers in the Asia Pacific region.

What We Do

iG Publishing has an experienced team of specialists who work with publishers, university presses, professional societies and associations to build eBook collections. We go out of our way to find rare books and those that are not easily available, transforming them into eBooks.

An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device. eBooks are digitized into PDF files to provide the public, students and researchers with the format most commonly used by e-readers and other hand-held devices.

Our team takes pride in providing the highest quality knowledge and research in easy-to-navigate eBooks from all corners of the globe. When you choose iG Publishing, you are choosing a company that is the best in its field.

What We Offer

Evidence Based Acquisitions
One-time payment and able to access the entire eBooks collection for 12 months.

Perpetual Pick and Choose
Pick and Choose the specific titles your institution needs.

Subscription Access
Access to critical mass of multidisciplinary content or titles in specific subject areas within one year period.

Hybrid Subscription
Purchase front list titles on perpetual and receive free access to all backlist titles.

Consortia deals
Flexibility of combining a few universities who wants the same eBook collection to enjoy better discounts.


  • Asian Studies

    The collection offers a broad introduction to the culture and history of Asian societies and the opportunity for specialized study on an academic field within Asian Studies.

  • Business & Management

    The collection provides comprehensive coverage to key subject areas that focus on business law, communication skills, finance and accounting, human resource management, leadership management, marketing and brand management, project management, risk management, sales, strategic planning, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, investments and more.

  • Humanities & Social Science

    The collection includes library and information science, mathematics, history and public policy.

  • Juvenile Education

    Collection of dictionaries, reference books and help books both at the undergraduate as well as the post-graduate level. Collection also consist of children’s titles – Fiction and non-fiction books that promote good values, including National Education values.

  • Medical & Health Sciences

    Collection offers current and comprehensive information, from mental health and patient care to nursing and
    physiotherapy, from arthritis and diabetes to epilepsy and strokes.

  • Multi-Disciplinary

    Multi-disciplinary Collection consist of publishers that combines several fields of study or academic

  • Science, Engineering & Technology

    Collection offers a comprehensive, aggregated ebook subscription within a diverse range of topics such as chemistry, physics, math, geology, geography, IT, computer science, gaming, engineering, agriculture, environmental studies, natural history, medicine, and more.

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